How to find out who your boyfriend will be. How to find out the name of the betrayed: simple and reliable ways

  1. How to find out the name of the man in the tea leaves
  2. How to find the name of his wife by bulbs
  3. How to find out the name of his wife by wax
  4. How to find out the name of your wife by porcelain plate
  5. How to find the name of the betrothed through the mirror corridor
  6. Several ways of divination for the future of her husband on paper
  7. Some more ways of divination for the future husband

Life becomes more interesting when some of its secrets are revealed. And one of the most intriguing secrets of destiny - what is the name of the future husband: a little girl will refuse to learn this information. Conducting fortune-telling on the name of the betrothed is easy enough. The only condition is that you need to believe in the power of the rite being performed and really want to get acquainted with the bridegroom in absentia.

When and how to find out the name of the future husband at home?

The rules of magical work

Divination practices are an art that can be studied all my life. Experienced practitioners literally know how to perform a prediction on the knee, but novice witches are recommended to adhere to a number of conditions that contribute to a more efficient and reliable result.

There are many questions about the optimal time to get a prediction. It is noticed that some dates are better than others:

  • divination in the name of the betrothed for Christmas is possible for the girls who are under the auspices of the Christian egregore (who are sympathetic to the forces of this religion and are ready to make deals with them);
  • the period from Christmas to Epiphany is ideal for all those who conjurers, since fortune-telling on the name of the betrothed to the Christmas time has been performed for hundreds of years, and the rituals are well worked out from an energy point of view. If the rite is performed correctly, then the truth will open to an absolute beginner;
  • on one's own birthday, it is easy to find out the name of the betrothed: fortune-telling succeeds, because on this date the gates to the subtle world open to each person. Any predictions will come out, especially with a well-established connection with the clan Egregor (you can talk about it if the family honors the memory of deceased relatives, and the dead themselves sometimes communicate with the living through signs or dreams);
  • You can find out the name of your betrothed on the eve of the New or Old New Year. As in the case of Christmas time, these holidays are worked out by many generations, and therefore allow without special difficulties to get access to hidden information.

It is permissible to perform a ritual on a typical day, but it is better to confirm the results on a “special” date.

The rules of predictive rites are standard:

  • Do not tell anyone about the planned work.
  • Guessing alone.
  • Be confident and not afraid. Fear burns a person’s energy resources, making him magically helpless.
  • Believe in the ritual. The rite must be chosen by itself: if it does not cause rejection, then the chances of success increase significantly.
  • Keep calm and share of humor. A successful prediction assumes that the fortuneteller does not take the process too seriously and gives himself the right to make a mistake. In this state, all inner feelings become aggravated, and it is very easy to get an exact answer.

Guessing the name of the betrothed with a ring

Ring - a unique decoration. It is a closed circle, which ensures the energy integrity of the product. This feature gives jewelry such a powerful magical and predictive potential. To find out the name of your betrothed, you need to wait for the evening: when the sun disappears over the horizon, the world guards its secrets less carefully.

For the ritual will need:

  • a simple ring without stone and thread (silver or copper);
  • thin wax candle;
  • strong thread;
  • a sheet of paper on which the alphabet is written.

It is necessary to light the wick: if it fails the first time, it means that divination should be stopped, because today there will be no answer. You need to carefully put the ring on the candle (it will lie on the table or catch on the candlestick) and pronounce the plot:

“My dear-discharged mummer wanders around the world, looking for a little ring, looking at the earth, can't find it at all, remembers his name and tells me. What is your name, mummers? ”

When the candle burns out, hang the ring on the thread. Get a kind of pendulum. It needs to be held over a sheet of paper - the ring, deviating, will indicate the letters from which the name of the contracted will be formed.

How to find out the name of the future husband by the book

It is very simple to work with the text, because the answer will be unequivocal: the universe will not have to look for ways to give a warning sign - it’s enough for the girl to see the printed word. For the ceremony you will need only a book (preferably an art one, but a reference book of names will also do). Technical literature is not relevant for obvious reasons: the probability of finding a name there is small. You should put both palms on the book and, concentrating, utter a conspiracy:

“Where is my condemned mummers, sent by fate, given back by heaven, led by God, wandering along the paths, not knowing my name, waiting for me to meet. Let the name be revealed to me, let it fall in my eyes, let it not disappear from the look, let me know, so that it waited for the betrothed, by the name of it. ”

Guessing the name of his betrothed

It should only make a request - and fate will answer. As in the case of a book, it is easy to find out the name of the future husband on paper: in a second of insight, the girl’s hand will independently draw out the necessary, true name.

It will take:

  • large earthen pot;
  • as much as possible cut pieces of paper;
  • pen or pencil;
  • blue or black thick fabric.

The first thing you need to prepare. It is recommended to write a male name on each piece of paper: the greater the number of them, the higher the chances that it’s exactly the same thing that wonders. One piece of paper is traditionally left clean; its drop suggests that the prediction failed because the correct name was not. All notes should be discarded in a pot, cover with a cloth and mix. Next you need to pronounce the text three times:

“Boil-boil, stove the stove, I bake pancakes for my betrothed, and whom should I call? How to contact the bridegroom? Tell me, fate, sudbinushka, tell me a dear little name, do not hide the truth from me, so I called the bridegroom to the pancakes. ”

It is enough to lower a hand in a vessel and to pull out the first piece of paper. The name written on it belongs to the future spouse of the witch. If desired, after the completion of divination, you can bake pancakes and put them on the windowsill, expressing gratitude to the higher forces.

How to find out the name of the betrothed in a dream

“A married man is dressed up, come to me dressed up” - this is how our great-grandmothers whispered, wondering at the suitors in the Christmas week. Times have changed. But modern women, despite a successful career, financial independence and ostentatious indifference to the male sex, are also waiting for Christmas to cheer on their betrothed. Moreover, they want to know the name of the intended spouse.

You can guess any day, but Christmas time is the most favorable time in the year for a love divination, predictions, love spells.

How to find out the name of the man in the tea leaves

You can perform a ritual at any odd day of the month. Place a lit candle and a deep saucer on the table. Pour the brewed ground coffee in half a cup. Drink the drink in small sips to coffee grounds. Then, overturn the cup on the saucer, and after a minute, lift it up. In the resulting divorce you will see the letters, matching them, read the name of the betrothed.

How to find the name of his wife by bulbs

Heads of bulb onions sign with male names. Plant them in jars of water or in the ground. Which bulb would give a sprout before - on behalf of that and wait for the offer of a hand and heart.

How to find out the name of his wife by wax

This fortune telling can be carried out any night of the year, after midnight. Pour water into a shallow dish. Light a church candle, tilt it over the container, saying: "My condemned come, announce your name." Wait until five drops of melted wax fall into the liquid. Now carefully look at the frozen wax signs, among them will be the initial letter of your betrothed.

How to find out the name of your wife by porcelain plate

Guessing on a porcelain plate is an old serious act, since in this process the spirit of the deceased person is caused, as a rule, close relative . Conducted by several people. Attract for this purpose your friends who believe in miracles and want to know the name of her fiance.

You will need a drawing paper sheet, felt-tip pen, a new dessert plate. Write on the paper in a circle letters of the alphabet. In the center, place an inverted top plate with a bottom, mark the arrow on it. Put your fingers on the edge of the plate and, causing the spirit, ask a question. The plate will start to go from letter to letter, memorize them, adding words. Having finished guessing, thank the spirit for the assistance provided.

Having finished guessing, thank the spirit for the assistance provided

How to find the name of the betrothed through the mirror corridor

Divination is not for the faint of heart, but it helps to find out the spouse's name 100%. If you decide to hold a ritual, do it in the smallest room of the apartment.

If you decide to hold a ritual, do it in the smallest room of the apartment

Believe it or not in the predictions, your business. But these rituals have been tested for centuries and if they were false, they would hardly have reached us. Go to fortune telling seriously, just like our ancestors, and then you will certainly be able to look into your future.

Many girls strive to at least partially lift the veil of secrecy and find out the name of their future husband. Nowadays, thanks to the experience that has been acquired over the centuries, there are quite a few ways to know the future. These include numerology, palmistry, astrology, card fortune telling, all sorts of rituals and many popular beliefs.

There have always been people who were convinced that it was ridiculous to believe in predictions and that this was complete nonsense, but most people can say the opposite. Proving the fidelity of one opinion or another is difficult to this day. Newspapers and the Internet are filled with advertisements with offers of divination for the future, drawing up an individual horoscope and finding out the name of the future life partner.

Astrologers still make up horoscopes, and fortune-tellers are still wondering, because there is someone to do both, and most likely it will never change.

At all times among young unmarried girls divination was in great demand. And this is not surprising, because in youth people are especially dreamy. The hearts of young girls are filled with a premonition of magic and a thirst for adventure, and ahead of them is a long life full of accomplishments and discoveries. They all want to know in advance who their fate is and with whom they have to go hand in hand to go through all the joys and sorrows, moments of happiness and adversity. That is why there are many ways to find out the cherished name, as well as the well-being or kind of activity of the future husband. In this article we offer to get acquainted with the most popular ways to learn the unknown.

Several ways of divination for the future of her husband on paper

Lay out on the table pieces of paper with male names. Take a needle or gold ring and thread a silk thread one way or another, which is 15 cm long. Large and forefinger hold the thread and hold the ring (or needle) with this thread to each piece of paper with the name. If over any of the names the ring starts to swing arbitrarily like a pendulum or spin around itself, then it will call your betrothed.

Tear a clean sheet of A4 paper into multiple shreds. On each of the resulting shreds, write one male name and put them all under bedtime before going to bed. As soon as you wake up in the morning, get one of these scraps, thus learning the name of your future husband.

Prepare a container of water (pelvis), candle stub, walnut shells, clay and many pieces of paper, which, as in the two previous methods, should be written male names . Attach pieces of paper with the names of clay to the sides of the container with water from the nutria (the distance between the scraps of 2-3 centimeters from each other). Light a candle and light it in a nut shell, then lower it into the water in the center of the pelvis. You will know the name of your future husband when the shell with the candle stops near one of the pieces of paper.

Some more ways of divination for the future husband

There is a delicious method of divination for a husband, namely his well-being and type of activity - according to the cherry seeds. To do this, you need to eat cherries and, when you spit out each of the seeds, to find out the occupation of the future husband, list the names of different professions, and to determine his well-being, say “poor, rich, handsome, intelligent, kind, funny, evil, healthy , sick, arrogant, beggar ", etc. The word on which the bones will end will refer to your future spouse.

In order to implement the following method of divination in the name of the future husband - divination on the hands of your hands, you need a girlfriend. She will have to take your hand near her forearm with her two hands and, in a “netting” method, scroll it as if she is squeezing out the laundry. Between her hands should be a distance of at least ten centimeters. As long as a friend in this position holds your hand, you should look at the skin of the hand on the inside of the forearm, where stains or folds form. If this or that reminds you of a letter, then the name of the future husband will begin with it.

You can even guess on the peel of an apple. To do this, peel the apple so that its skin looks like a spiral. After that, throw the peel over the left shoulder and, turning, take a look, perhaps the peel fell to the floor in the form of some letter. If this happens, then surely the name of the betrothed will begin with it.

One of the ways divination in the name of the future husband is divination by the name of a passerby. Go out on New Year's Eve on the street and the first man you meet, ask his name. What name he will call, and will call your future partner in life.

None of these options is not witchcraft or black magic, but fortune-tellers do not recommend too much to get involved. The fact is that they believe that, guessing, a person programs his own destiny, thus ceasing to be the master of his own life. But, in any case, only you need to decide "whether that will be" or satisfy your curiosity through one of the methods of divination. Good luck!

When and how to find out the name of the future husband at home?
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