How to recoloured from painted brunette to blonde. From brunette to blonde

  1. Getting rid of pigment brunettes
  2. White highlights problems
  3. How is everything going?

Of course, every woman likes to surprise others with new images, make-up and hairstyles. Sometimes changing their appearance, women feel that they just get rid of old experiences and problems.

Sometimes it is enough to change very little in our appearance and we become other people. Hairstyle can change us so that even relatives will not know. But if, for example, blondes are very easy to change the appearance and hair color, then with brunettes, the situation is somewhat different. So how to repaint the blonde, so that it looks gorgeous and does not damage the hair? This is certainly not an easy request, but it’s still possible to become a blonde after a brunette without spoiling your hair.

Getting rid of pigment brunettes

Get rid of the pigment that dyes your hair dark color quite difficult and not always possible the first time. In addition, if the hair was painted more than once, and the dark color is not yours, then problems will arise even more.

If you have Thick hair , then get ready to lighten them up in at least four stages. But it should be remembered that with some of the hair you still have to say goodbye. Before you start bleaching your hair, it is worthwhile to conduct a test, because the bleach can cause you a rash or other allergic reaction. If you haven’t noticed anything like that in yourself, then remember that every few weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows, you will have to lighten the roots and dye them.

White highlights problems

If you have successfully painted your blonde or are still planning, remember a few nuances:

  • If you constantly get acne or other skin problems, then light color This hair will emphasize.
  • Change the color you need from the first time. Because if your hair is burned, then you have to wait until new ones grow, because they simply cannot be restored. It is worth being as careful as possible with the procedures.

After such a change, the hair becomes thinner and weaker. If you are very worried about the thickness, then you should not bring this whim to life. After all, if you incorrectly calculate the amount of chemistry that you are going to put on your hair, then you can walk in a wig for a while. Also in the future you will spend more time on styling, and without using the conditioner you will not be able to comb your hair.

How is everything going?

If you still decide to do this procedure yourself, then you need to buy professional hair lightening products. Find in sale oxygen 12.9 or 6% and powder. Quantity purchased should be enough only for one time. These funds are sold on tap or by weight, and therefore the next step you will need to buy fresh. Do not buy too strong brightener, because you risk being left without hair. The powder and activator must be mixed with the calculation of 1: 2. In advance you need to buy dishes, gloves and a brush for dyeing hair. It is also necessary that someone help you do all this.

It is best to dye hair from the back of the head. To do this, pre-divide them into four parts and secure with clamps. The clarifier does not need to regret and put it in pretty large quantities for a couple of centimeters from the roots. After application, comb the strand with a small comb. So you color will not turn out spotty. The impact of the funds on the hair should be uniform, to get the same result. After you finish coloring you need to wash your hair twice and not to forget about the balm. If everything is in order and the hair did not start to fall out, then after three days the procedure can be repeated. But if you still messed up your hair, then you should not be painted at least three weeks. During this time, you need to try to restore the hair as much as possible. When you lighten your hair to the color you want, you can start applying the tone that you like and do not be afraid of yellowness. After several such procedures, she will leave.

But remember that this is a real torture for hair and it can survive only healthy hair . Therefore, if initially they are weakened, it is worthwhile to postpone staining for a while.

Most women on the globe have natural dark hair and secretly envy those who own blond hair. Let funny jokes tell about blondes, presenting them as stupid and helpless creatures, but they always attracted men's views and attracted their attention.

Whatever they say, modern men , as before, prefer blondes. Blond hair causes men chivalrous feelings, they consider blondes as gentle and fragile creatures. Apparently, therefore, many brunettes over the years wish to turn into a blonde. They get tired of being independent and strong, they also want to look like weak woman and shift the solution of life problems to the men's shoulders.

Answering the question : “How to lighten dark ones correctly?”, The most important recommendation should be given - ask for help from a hairdresser who knows a lot about this business. The fact is that only hairdressing professionals can determine what will happen to your face after you turn into a blonde. Brunettes often begin to lighten their hair, not thinking about the consequences, and then do not know how to return the hair to the previous color and healthy shine.

Blond hair should be in harmony with skin color and type of face. Therefore, in order to avoid a mistake, ask the hairdresser to give you the opportunity to try on a light wig or create your future blonde image on the computer. If at the same time your face gets a dull and earthy shade, then you better forget about the dream of becoming a blonde. Tell the hairdresser what color you want to see her hair and find out how she intends to achieve clarification.

Usually, craftsmen with experience know how to make a good bleaching mixture that does not produce a yellow or orange tint. In good hairdressing salons you will not be asked to come in a few days after re-blinding, so as not to expose your hair once more to the chemical effects of dyes. No secret, for various reasons, many women do not like to use the services of hairdressers. They themselves buy hair dyes in the store and, upon arriving home, start to perform a simple procedure for lightening hair.

Well, the choice is yours, we only wish you to suggest how to properly lighten your hair if you want to turn from a brunette into a blonde. For a start, do not take risks and do not try to lighten your hair yourself if:

You are an "artificial" brunette, lighten them completely and achieve a good result beyond the power of even specialists. The more often you have dyed your hair, the worse it will brighten.
- you did before on hair perm or stained with henna;
- you do not have the opportunity to buy professional paint . Any ordinary paint sold in a store will provide a maximum clarification of one or two tones. That is, to turn from a chestnut brunette in bright blonde with their help, will not work. Here we need special formulations.

Of course, every woman likes to surprise others with new images, make-up and hairstyles

Before bleaching for two or three days, do not wash your hair with shampoo, so as not to wash off the sebum and remove the natural protection of the hair. Prepare an unnecessary towel and comb with sparse teeth. First, carefully comb the hair and apply on the hair the entire length of the lightening mixture, prepared in advance strictly according to the instructions. Leave the hair roots unpainted, otherwise from the heat of the head the paint will act more intensively and the hair at the roots will turn lighter.

Apply paint to the roots last, remember to cover your shoulders before dyeing with a towel. Keep the paint on the hair as much as indicated in the instructions. After you thoroughly wash off the hair paint, rinse the hair with a balm for colored hair. It will make them smooth and soft, in the future it will be necessary to use shampoo and conditioner for bleached hair for hair care.

When lightening hair, chemical dyes remove natural pigments from hair, and if they are not fully developed, you will not avoid unpleasant yellow hair. The darker your hair color, the more likely the appearance of yellow after lightening. In hairdressing salons, color stabilizers are used to avoid yellowing of hair. Unfortunately, they do not sell such funds in regular stores. Therefore, in order to give the brightened hair the desired shades, it is necessary to use tinted foams, mousses and shampoos after lightening. After about 30-40 days, the hair will have to be dyed again, as regrown dark hair roots look completely unattractive.

The desire of women to change has not been exposed to any doubts for a long time, and most often the object of changes is the hair of the charming women. Haircuts, extensions, coloring, perm, straightening - which they just don't have to withstand as a result of women's passion for renewal. Some of the changes are given by "little blood", and some may not be reflected in the hair in the most favorable way. One of the most difficult manipulations is a hair lightening. More recently, you are quite satisfied with the image of a burning brunette, but today you wanted to change everything and become a blonde? The task is really not simple. But in most cases solvable. You just need time and patience. Becoming a blonde from a brunette easy is simple, but the reverse process will take time, money and determination. But first of all answer yourself the question:

Is it really necessary?

Care for bleached hair is much more difficult than for natural or colored. You will have to forget that you can just wash your hair and go: so you just can not comb them. Balsams, conditioners, masks - all this will not be a gift for the hair to support them, but a daily necessity.

Besides, blonde hair go far from everyone. From this point, dark vision is much more versatile. You should change your mind to become blonde if:

  • you are not too good skin prone to rashes and irritation, blonde hair will make skin problems more noticeable;
  • you have rather large facial features: after lightening your hair, they will appear even larger.

To be confident in your decision, take the time and opportunity to try on several wigs of different “blond” shades. For the purity of the experiment, do it including without makeup. You can also try. If everything is in order, you can move on.

Dyed hair.
The task of a brunette to become a blonde will be much more difficult if you are not a natural brunette, but achieve dark hair through dyeing. Here it is important how many times you dyed your hair, how intense dyes used - all this information will definitely need your master. In this case, do not even try to do everything yourself: to bring dyed hair to white and not to spoil them is very difficult.

First, the remover is used to get rid of the dye as much as possible, and only then the hair is lightened with quite aggressive means. It does not happen immediately, but in several stages - to give hair the opportunity to recover.

But even with the participation of good master with excellent reagents and a long-term lightening program, there are no guarantees that the hair will not become the color of a ripe mandarin or canary shade. Starting to lighten dyed hair, be prepared that the tips (they had to go through the greatest number colors) will have to cut.

Natural brunette.
Natural brunette Not less complications can occur when lightening natural dark hair, especially if it is hard and pitch black: the pigment in this type of hair is strong and it is not an easy task to etch it. The first coloring is also better to entrust the master salon. Over time, it will be possible to tint the roots on your own, but if you are determined to become a blonde out of a brunette and not go spotted - let a specialist “conjure” over your hair. And be sure to use only professional reagents. Yes, they are somewhat more expensive than ordinary clarifiers, but for hair it will be much safer.

If a natural color hair has cold shade , staining will not be a daunting task. If, on the contrary, the color is closer to the dark chestnut color, the yellowness will necessarily appear.

How to deal with unsympathetic "chicken drip"? If you originally aimed for a golden or sandy shade of hair, everything is in order: bleached hair painted with the appropriate dye - and everything falls into place. But if you need ashy tint , from the slightest hint of yellow will have to get rid of. Neutralized yellow purple. However, in order not to expose the hair to permanent dyeing with the risk of overexposing the paint and getting a bluish tint rather than ashy, it is better to buy tint balsam . It will need to be diluted (approximately half a cap per liter of water) and rinsed hair after each wash.

This is another way smooth transition from brunette to blonde. Its advantage is that the hair looks well-groomed from the very beginning, and multi-colored strands look as if it was intended. In this case, with each new highlighting (and you will do it once every one and a half to two months, as the roots grow back), the hair becomes lighter.

The same rules apply to colored hairs as for dyed ones: do it with a master you trust and keep in mind that hair care will be much more complicated.

“Gentlemen prefer blondes,” the cult film of the past century assures us. And sociological polls cite completely different data: men consider brunettes to be smarter and more attractive. So, perhaps, it is not so important what color your hair has. The main thing is that you like him, be up to your face and you feel irresistible.

So how to repaint the blonde, so that it looks gorgeous and does not damage the hair?
How is everything going?
More recently, you are quite satisfied with the image of a burning brunette, but today you wanted to change everything and become a blonde?
How to deal with unsympathetic "chicken drip"?