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  1. How to make a velor coating for a cake or pastries
  2. How to make a velor cover for a cake at home
  3. How to make a glass cake
  4. How to make a velor coating for a cake or pastries
  5. Cake coating with mastic
  6. Do I need to somehow cook a cake before coating with mastic?
  7. Cream base for mastic cake
  8. Cream base made from boiled condensed milk
  9. Protein Oil Cream
  10. Eleanor Massari's Recipe

Velor coating for cakes or desserts is a beautiful and fashionable alternative to the traditional one and it’s not difficult to cook it at home. You will need only two ingredients and a fat-soluble gel dye, if you decide to make a colored velor. If you want to get a dark coating, then instead of white chocolate, boldly use black chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 72%. My simple master class and step by step photos will help you decorate your homemade cake with velor quickly, easily and simply.

Once all the pancakes are baked, remove the oil paper and fill them with raspberry jam. Brush the surface and edges with the edge. Moisten in a microwave container, arrange marshmallows, sprinkle with water and melt in a microwave or water bath.

How to make a velor coating for a cake or pastries

As soon as the marshmallows melt, mix and add the sifted sugar flower, when you can’t continue to mix, lay the pasta on a table sprinkled with sugar and process the dough to get a soft consistency, the point of this lipstick ready when you touch it does not stick gently to your hands .

To prepare the coating we need:

  • 70 grams of white chocolate;
  • 70 grams of cocoa butter;
  • gel dye (fat soluble);
  • airbrush for applying velor coating.

How to make a velor cover for a cake at home

Melt cocoa butter in a microwave or steam bath.

Sprinkle the table with sugar or corn starch and stretch the lipstick carefully, taking care that it does not break. Throw the lipstick into the oven and cover the pancakes using your hands, shaping to prevent wrinkles. The remains of the dough can be painted with edible vegetable dyes, and you can form flowers, leaves, if you have models, you can cut out different shapes or shapes.

How to make a glass cake

If you are a full-time cook, how about innovating in your products and refining your cakes like no one else has seen? Write down the syrup recipe and look at 13 photos of confectioner Olga Noskova for inspiration. To prepare the glass lid for the cake, pay attention to the boiling stage of each ingredient.

Melt white chocolate at the same time. Add 4-5 drops of gel fat-soluble dye and mix everything until a uniform color is obtained.

Add 4-5 drops of gel fat-soluble dye and mix everything until a uniform color is obtained

Then, add melted cocoa butter to the tinted chocolate and mix them.

How to make a velor coating for a cake or pastries

Pour the resulting mass into the capacity of the spray gun. The working temperature of the velor coating should be 34 ° -36 ° C.

Dissolve gelatin powder in 120 ml of water. Boil glucose, sugar and 150 ml of water in a saucepan. Remove from the oven and add gelatin. Add the condensed milk and mix the mixture. Pour molten chocolate and use an electric mixer to remove air bubbles.

Add dye to your desired color to provide a “glass” effect. To get a glossy finish, you need to freeze the cake, because if it is hot, it can melt the mixture. You made a cake with a specific shape, and would you like to decorate it with almond paste? Would you like professional advice to cover this dough with sugar paste leaves? It indicates the necessary ingredients and materials. He will help you make sugar paste and choose the right colors. He teaches you how to shape different forms of cake.

In order not to stain the walls when working with velor, I use the usual large box in which I install a frozen (!) Cake on a hill.

You need to work with a spray gun at a distance of 20-25 cm from the surface to be coated.

To succeed, follow the video. Necessary ingredients and materials To make this decoration, you need: - Cake in the form of a cake - Colorful almond paste - Ice sugar - Pearl sugar - Decorative materials such as boats, parts, toothpicks and rollers.

Sugar paste preparation. Apply almond paste to coat the cake. Start work in the center of the test before starting work in the external parts. Turn a quarter turn each time. Think about the final shape to determine the size and thickness of the dough. Repeat this operation for each test. It is important to distribute the almond paste according to the volume to be coated on the cake.

When one side of the cake is ready, turn it and continue to velor.

When the cake is completely covered with velor, transfer it to the cake stand / dish. You can continue to decorate it further, but you can leave it in this form. You need to cut the velor cakes with a sharp and hot knife.

Almond paste color To decorate a cake in the shape of a corset, do not hesitate to choose 3 colors of dough. Prefer colored flesh to make the neck and upper thighs. Choose a black paste to form a corset. Use a red tint for other cake accessories.

Creating the neck and hips Decorate the neck with a corset and upper thighs. Divide the flesh-colored paste into the largest piece for the neck, and two more equal parts will be used to decorate the hips. Put a sheet of dough on the neck of the corset. Spread well on the part that separates the breasts. Put the almond paste in a perfect molding against chocolate ganache. This technique removes air bubbles and prevents the dough from becoming loose. Using a knife, cut off excess dough that protrudes from the cake.

I propose to finish this simple workshop by watching a video. The author of the video, Alex & Milana, not only shows in detail how to make a velor coating on a cake, but also explains how to choose and work with a spray gun, without which a beautiful coating of a cake will not work.

Cake coating with mastic

Decorating the body of a corset Using a straightener, remove all defects found in black sugar paste. Using two hands, carefully insert the paste. Place the center of the dough in the middle of the cake. Adjust the piece in relation to the chest. Touch the decoration, forming the shape of the corset. The dough should stick to the cake. When the almond paste is placed on the cake, smooth the mass with both hands. Cut the base of the cake to remove excess sugar. Now you can cover the cake with almond paste. Now you know the technique to decorate a pastry corset mold.

Enjoy your viewing and delicious desserts! 🙂

What I like about mousse cakes is the endless variety of possibilities in the decor!

Lovers of mastic may object. However, it’s quite possible to install mastic figures on iced cakes - and as a result we have a huge plus:

Video instructions. After you have made the base that best suits your needs, and after you cut, wet, and filled as you like, the time has come for the “groom”. If a good, strong and accurate foundation is important for making the perfect cake, a perfect finish is really important for a smooth, smooth surface.

Exist different types “Isolation”, some others are less relevant. In addition to isolating and sticking the sugar paste to the biscuit, the insulators also perform the task of eliminating the basal cavities and defects and aligning the p.p. to polystyrene. Before “brushing” the cake, it is advisable that there is at least half an hour in the refrigerator.

Mastic is a very heavy material. Due to the fact that the cake is not completely covered with mastic “plasticine” - its weight is much less, which means that you don’t need to overpay the end consumer for the conditionally edible weight.

In addition, nowhere else in Europe is mastic consumed. This material serves solely to decorate fake cakes, which are made as exhibition designs or as decor for candy bars.

Do I need to somehow cook a cake before coating with mastic?

To wrap insulation on the cake, use kitchen spatulas, plastic, metal or silicone, as well as a turntable to simplify the operation. To apply cream and cream to the oil, start from the sides, distributing the “plaster” with a spatula perpendicular to the plane, and completely straight, turning the surface by hand and removing the excess. Then go to the top of the cake. The result should be as smooth and smooth as possible.

Cream base for mastic cake

The cake, once "stuffed", is placed in the refrigerator for several hours. Cakes undress and expose all their kindness. The fashion of bare cakes is being confirmed and spread more and more in Italy. Traditional wedding cakes or wedding cakes made from sugar paste all share the scene with beautiful and picturesque bare cakes.

And velor is generally weightless material! The thickness of the velor coating of the cake barely exceeds 1 mm! Such a coating is practically not felt by our taste buds, which means that it does not focus on taste, does not add sweetness and does not interrupt the main taste of the cake.

To the issue of Velor coating recipe.

In fact, everything is extremely simple. The most important thing is to have a spray gun available. There are professional airbrushes for airbrushes, with a huge non-lifting balloon and, of course, possessing good pressure and a thin nozzle. But a household airbrush is quite capable of coping with such a task as covering velor cakes or pastries. Such a sprayer can be purchased at any hardware store for perfectly sane money. I have a Bosch PFS 55.

The cakes were removed, showing all their kindness and inviting us to enjoy the taste before the sky. And this is the meaning of a naked cake: without icing, without cover, just layers of cake and filling, decorated with fresh fruits and enriched with flowers in color and a stylistic combination. It is because of the lack of coverage that the accuracy of cutting the substrates and attention in the preparation of the filling are of paramount importance. At its core, naked cake is an extremely elegant and sophisticated sweet. Jewelry is fundamental to its simplicity and simplicity.

It is preferred that the cakes grow in height to provide an even more elegant slimming effect. For this reason, each plan, in turn, has at least two filling layers, and each layer must have the same thickness; but also the least high pies no less for elegance, taste and sophistication; It is important to place the scenery in a harmonious and attractive way.

To begin with, we decide that you can cover with velor only a very well-frozen product - a cake or cake. It is very important. If the cake is not cold enough (frozen), the velor will not cling to anything. Velvet surface will not work.

We get the cake out of the frost after all the preparatory work has been completed, namely:

These cakes offer endless possibilities for personalizing both taste and decoration, but you must be extremely accurate in creating them. Even for naked people, like cakes with sugar cakes, it is imperative to make a preliminary sketch to see the final result; A sweet design is needed to determine how many base cakes to make.

Cream base made from boiled condensed milk

But let's see how to make these cakes in detail. What are the basics that are best suited for such a sweetness and the best combinations to make the perfect naked cake? How to set up this type of cake? We talked with two of our cake design teachers, and they also gave us some of their own recipes. Eleanor's Cake is what she did to celebrate the 25th wedding anniversary; Recipe Jane Hudson is a sweet sweet recipe, soft and fine texture, like a cloud created for a special occasion in the family.

the working surface is covered with a film or other material, a protective screen is installed (otherwise the whole kitchen will turn out to be cured), the spray gun is clean, wiped dry and ready to work, a rotating surface is installed for convenience (but you can do without it), some kind of cake stand is installed , smaller in diameter of the cake itself. A stand is needed so that when covering the lower sides of the cake are open. Thus, the bottom will also be uniformly covered with velor, it will be easy to transfer the cake to the substrate without damaging its sides.

Protein Oil Cream

Turning to Eleanor Massari, we ask. In addition to the good ones, the current “naked cakes” are made with biscuit, mud cake, red velvet, lemon cake, etc. all are well compact and light fillings, collected in the form of layers without any coatings or covered with irrigation of powdered sugar or spots with a thin layer of cream, which is used for filling and decorated with fresh seasonal fruits and flowers. They are a kind of fondant cakes and are highly appreciated for their lightness and stylistic simplicity.

As I already said, velor is a very fragile coating, and when transferring the cake to the substrate, you need to be as careful as possible, since there is a chance to touch or grease this thin layer.

As for the spinning surface. In my case, this is a round cutting board from Ikea with a rotating bottom. It can also be a round cake stand. A very convenient thing. To evenly cover the cake on all sides, just scroll the board with the cake on it on the stand.

What are the tricks to get a good “naked cake”? In order to achieve the aesthetic result of a wonderful impact and extreme sophistication, the “bare” cake plans must be accurate and all neatly the same thickness, alternating with a plentiful filling layer.

What reasons to use for the perfect success of sweets? The basics as well as the punches must be carefully chosen. You must choose a base that can support the weight of creams and upper boards. A large amount of oil makes these moist and soft dough. If you do not want to abandon the use of traditional bathtubs, it is recommended to reduce them to a minimum to prevent a collage from falling. For best filling results, you can get classic butter, cream cheese cream and white chocolate or dark chocolate ganache.

Cooking cover.

For one cake with a diameter of 20 cm

  • melt 100 g cocoa butter
  • separately melt 100 g of chocolate (white, black or milk - it depends on the desired final color of the coating). Approximately 40-45 C
  • mix both melted masses with a silicone spatula
  • add fat-soluble food coloring
  • pour into a glass of a spray gun
  • set the finished frozen cake on a stand
  • spray evenly, holding the spray gun at a distance of about 30 cm from the cake itself
  • the smaller the nozzle is open, the finer the resulting coating.

I use DecoRelief French dry dyes

You can also use jams, fresh fruit or syrup, in which case the base may be slightly damp. What proportions give Naked? It is important that you grow tall and not wide in order to get Naked Cakes, which are also beautiful. The height should be greater than the circumference of the pie itself.

How can we decorate a cylinder? Cake topper, as with any pie, plays a very important role. We can use small and simple decorations already placed on the rest of the cake, such as flowers and berries or seasonal fruits, still traditional spouses or letters placed to make a word.

It is better to add dye to a small amount of a mixture of cocoa butter and chocolate so that it dissolves better and there are no grains. That is, we pour 2-3 teaspoons of the mixture and dissolve the dye in it, and then pour everything back.

You can also adjust the desired color.

If you paint white chocolate with red dye, it will have a rich red tint, and if you add the same dye to milk or black, we get a very noble and beautiful color of chocolate. Artists will truly enjoy mixing different colors and creating their own palette.

What colors do you prefer? Colors may vary depending on the season. The harmony of colors is important and still associated with the event. What kind of fruit to use? He prefers raw seasonal fruits, with flowers matching the decoration. Prefer fresh small fruits or cut into small pieces.

Eleanor Massari's Recipe

How to evaluate a naked cake? “Naked”, combined with a sweet country style or a worn chic style, will capture an irresistible touch. For the base of the cake: 600 g flour 600 g butter at room temperature 500 g semolina 1 vanilla berry 1 baking powder for sweet 1 grated grated lemon without good. 11 whole eggs 1 pinch of salt.

That seems to be all the secrets of covering velor cakes. If you have any questions, please leave your comments or write to me in direct, I will answer with pleasure!

And of course, share your success!

You made a cake with a specific shape, and would you like to decorate it with almond paste?
Would you like professional advice to cover this dough with sugar paste leaves?
Do I need to somehow cook a cake before coating with mastic?
What are the basics that are best suited for such a sweetness and the best combinations to make the perfect naked cake?
How to set up this type of cake?
What are the tricks to get a good “naked cake”?
What reasons to use for the perfect success of sweets?
What proportions give Naked?
How can we decorate a cylinder?
What colors do you prefer?