How to get a beautiful tan on the beach? How to sunbathe on the beach so as not to burn

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  2. Sunbathing on the beach: good or bad?
  3. Do I need to protect the skin from the sun?
  4. How long can you sunbathe?
  5. What to do if already burned?
  6. Can I use oil for a beautiful tan?

Summer will come quite a bit, but are you ready for it? Vacation time and relaxing on hot beaches, it is very important to know how to properly sunbathe on the beach in order to look fashionable and beautiful. This is what you can find out further.

Now the correct and beautiful tan cares not only women but also men. It’s too bad that more ultraviolet rays now hit the earth than a few decades ago. You need to know the rules of tanning, so that at least not to get burned, not to spoil your appearance and health.

In the modern world, a person can afford to spend holidays in almost any country in the world. And most people try to go to distant and hot countries on the sea.

But the sun is even more dangerous there, as it bakes much more than in the usual usual life. Therefore, it is worth to worry about your health, otherwise you can in vain throw out money having burned down on the very first day under the rays of the scorching sun.

Tanning cream
Tanning cream . To get a beautiful and even tan you will need to use a special cream that will protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation. For owners of dark skin suitable cream with a level of 20-30, and for light 40.

The level of protection is indicated by SPF and PPD. SPF cream protects only from burns. And for proper and even tanning it is better to use PPD, such creams will protect against the development of oncological diseases and slow down the aging of the skin.

Usually, only SPF products can be found on store shelves. So really good cream will have to search.

Do not be lazy, go to several shops. You can order the tool on the Internet. It is worth it, because you will be protected from all negative consequences after being under the rays.

Sunbathing time. Choosing time for tanning is also necessary correctly. It is best to be on the beach when the sun is the least active.

Do not be afraid that the tan will not work out evenly, on the contrary, at this time it will be distributed evenly and beautifully. The best time is morning when the sun is not yet at its zenith.

This time lasts until 10-11 am, also after 4 hours. Even at this time it is impossible to be under the open rays of the sun for more than two hours, it harms the body.

But to sunbathe from 12 to 3 o'clock in the afternoon is generally prohibited, during this period the radiation is increased, because of which there may be unpleasant consequences.

Tanning place
Tanning place . This question is particularly relevant in hot tropical countries. If you hid under an umbrella and think that you are protected, then it is not.

Rays can penetrate such an umbrella. Therefore, in the first days of rest it is better not to be in direct sunlight. In the sun you can be in the room or in another room.

It is necessary to take care not only of the skin, but also of your hair, when going to the beach or for a walk, be sure to wear a hat, a light cap or kerchief. Also need protection and eyes. Glasses are needed not only during sunbathing, but also for an ordinary walk in sunny weather.

Good advice - do not get carried away on the beach reading magazines or books, so you may not notice how the right tan time will pass, the rays will continue to hit the skin and only harm.

Immediately after eating, it is also not recommended to go, you can fall asleep, and this is contraindicated. Also do not drink cold drinks and alcohol, it reduces the sensitivity of the skin.

1 type , fair-haired owners of green or blue eyes, or red hair and milky skin, you can sunbathe continuously for 30 minutes;
1 type , fair-haired owners of green or blue eyes, or red hair and milky skin, you can sunbathe continuously for 30 minutes;

Type 2 , red and blond, gray or brown eyes, tanning time - about 45 minutes;

Type 3 , dark blond and Brown hair , light skin, you can sunbathe no more than 1 hour;

4 type , dark eyes, hair, dark skin, the owners of such hair, eyes and skin can be carried out under the sun continuously for an hour and a half.

These rules apply only to the time from morning to 12 hours and after 4 hours. From 12 to 4 will have to reduce the time and a half.

Before sunbathing, be sure to rub those places with a cream that often and quickly burn out. Any cream works well for no more than 4 hours, and if you also bathe, then in general only an hour.

There are special shampoos that protect against harmful radiation, at rest it is better to find such a remedy, take care of your health.

If you follow all these rules, you can get a very beautiful and even tan, good luck to you on the beach and good rest.

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Text: Eugene Bagma

The holiday season is approaching - the season of beach rest and seductive tan, but for someone, alas, it can be a sunburn season. Maybe it seems to you that it is enough just to buy an expensive tanning cream and then nothing threatens, but the truth is that it is too small and sunbathing correctly on the beach is a whole art!

Sunbathing on the beach: good or bad?

Sunbathing on the beach is useful not only for beauty - under the influence of sunlight in our body produces vitamin D, which is responsible for the health of hair, nails and bones, strengthens the immune system and the cardiovascular system. Thanks to the sun, our disease resistance and vitality are increased, we become stronger and more enduring.

But as they say, everything is good in moderation. Excessive sunbathing can have the saddest consequences - from sunburn and pigment spots to lupus, cataracts and skin cancer. The fact is that ultraviolet has destructive properties for collagen and elastin - the “foundations” of our skin, thus depriving it of its elasticity. The effects of exposure to sunlight can manifest themselves not immediately, but even years later, as they accumulate in the body. To the sun brought you only benefit, but not harm, it is important to know how to properly sunbathe on the beach.


The intervals of sun exposure should be increased gradually - starting with 15-20 minutes. Without harm to health, you can sunbathe on the beach no more than 2 hours a day during the period of the lowest intensity of the sun - that is, from 10 to 11 in the morning and after 16 hours. The rest of the time it is better to be in the shade.


The main mistake of many sunbathers is the desire to plunge after sunbathing. In no case can this be done - after sunbathing on the beach, leave for a while in the shade, cool down, and only then go into the water. Remember that while swimming in the sea, you are also exposed to sunlight, and since the water reflects them, the part of the body above the water gets an increased dose of ultraviolet radiation. For the same reason, you should wipe the towel dry after bathing, and not dry out naturally - water droplets on your body will work with small “lenses”, reflecting the sun, which can also cause burns. At the same time, sunbathing on the beach is best close to the water - so moist air will not allow the skin to dry up.


If you are going to sunbathe on the beach, then stop your choice on clothes of light colors from natural materials. Get naked on the beach gradually - let your skin get used to the sun. To protect your hair, face and eyes, wear a wide-brimmed hat or hat, as well as sunglasses.

Cosmetics, drugs.

Sunbathing on the beach should be without makeup - firstly, your painted eyelashes can simply “leak” from the sun, and secondly, allergies can occur. On the other hand, a foundation for protecting against UV rays does not hurt you. In any case, try to hide your face from direct sun exposure. Some medicines and drugs can increase the sensitivity of the skin or the retina to the sun and cause burns - for example, tetracycline, as well as deodorants, antibacterial soap, etc.

Cream from / for tanning.

And finally, do not even think about sunbathing on the beach under the open sun, if you do not have the right cream. Professional cosmetics helps to keep skin, keep tan. The cream should not be nutritious or contain hormones. Special oils or creams on an oily basis work best of all. The first 2-3 days should use sunscreen with a high sun-factor - even if you have dark skin. Then you can begin to apply tools to improve tan. Tanning cream is not suitable for tanning on the beach. The value of the sun protection factor (Sun Protective Factor) depends on the type of your skin: so, if you have light, transparent skin, then you need a remedy with a maximum SPF of 30-50, if less pale, then 25-30 will be enough, for people with dark brown hair and more dark skin funds with an SPF of 15-20, finally, dark-skinned will suit - a figure of 10-15 is enough.

From those who ignore all the above recommendations, you can hear that they sunbathe on the beach all their lives and never burn, do not get sunburns and do not get sick. Remember that this error is very dangerous. The worse you follow these simple rules, the more likely it is that one day you will have to face all the negative effects of sun exposure. Sunbathe on the beach with the mind - then you will be beautiful and healthy.

Trying to become tanned like Brazilian beauties, many girls run to the beach on the very first hot sunny day and lie under the sun for at least 3-4 hours, turning either belly, back, then sides, hoping to see a chocolate tan in the evening. However, instead of a beautiful tan, they get a red, burnt body - and that if you are lucky. Some manage to burn before blisters appear. How to get a beautiful tan on the beach without harming your skin? Listen to the advice for your next holiday or beach trip, and you will be rewarded for your patience with beautiful bronze color.

Do I need to protect the skin from the sun?

Many people completely deny the use of sunscreen on the beach, fearing that the tan will not “stick” at all and that time will be wasted. In fact, these creams protect you from the harmful effects of sunlight and do not allow to “burn”. In the first days of your stay in the sun, you must use a cream with an SPF index of at least 15, if you have naturally dark skin. For the whites, the index should be higher - not less than 30.

Then, as the skin becomes accustomed to the sun, the SPF protection can be reduced by gradually bringing it to a lower level (4 or 8 depending on the skin type). The lower the protection, the more sun will absorb your skin, getting a tan. Due to the fact that you will reduce the protection gradually, it will not burn, but you get a smooth, beautiful tanned color.

Apply a sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outside - it should soak and moisturize the skin. Every two hours, as well as after swimming in the pond, the cream must be re-applied.

How long can you sunbathe?

The first days should not be in the sun for more than 15-20 minutes a day, then this time can be increased to 45 minutes a day. After a week or two, you can sunbathe for 2-3 hours, but it is necessary to take breaks every hour and leave for a cool shade for 15 minutes. Remember about the protective creams, they have not been canceled.

Time from 11 to 16 hours - not the best for tanning. The sun in this watch is especially active and very easy to burn. Sunbathe in the morning before 11 am and in the evening after 16-17 hours. So much easier to get a beautiful and even tan without harm to health.

On the beach, periodically dip into the water to give your skin moisture. Do not forget to wipe the towel dry after that, because water droplets are like glass, they attract the sun's rays.

On a cloudy day, follow the same rules as on a sunny day. Clouds do not trap ultraviolet rays by 100%. Yes, and you yourself probably remember at least one case where you seemed to be resting in cloudy weather, but at the same time managed to tan or even burn to red skin. Therefore, in such days, also try to periodically go into the shade and do not forget about creams with UV protection. The only thing that can be noted is that the SPF index of the protective cream on this day may be somewhat less than usual.

What to do if already burned?

The first thing that is necessary is to immediately cover the body from the sun and immediately leave the beach. At home, you need to take a shower in order to wash off the river or sea water, gently dry the body with a towel, and then apply a softening or moisturizing agent. It can be a cream with aloe vera, baby nutritious cream or homemade sour cream, kefir. Wear loose clothing, or don’t wear anything at all, if you can, let your skin breathe. Periodically as you absorb apply moisturizer. After 2-3 days, the redness begins to subside.

Can I use oil for a beautiful tan?

On the Internet and among friends it is often possible to hear that oils help to get a beautiful, even, bronze tan. Be careful with such recommendations. Any oil applied to the skin will attract the sun's rays even more. Olive, coconut, peach, almond - they all perfectly moisturize and nourish, but do not protect against UV rays, but rather attract them, therefore the risk of burning is very high.

Oils can be used to get a beautiful tan on the beach, but only when you are a little sunburned and your skin is used to the sun. In addition, they are allowed to inflict only in the morning and evening tanning hours, in the middle of the day, with burning rays, they can be harmful. Oils for tanning can be used only to owners of dark skin. White-skinned beauties should not do this, as their skin is so too sensitive to the sun.

Sunbathing on the beach: good or bad?
Do I need to protect the skin from the sun?
How long can you sunbathe?
What to do if already burned?
Can I use oil for a beautiful tan?
Summer will come quite a bit, but are you ready for it?
Sunbathing on the beach: good or bad?
How to get a beautiful tan on the beach without harming your skin?
Do I need to protect the skin from the sun?
How long can you sunbathe?